Spring time....good for the guys, haha

in the winter, we tend to dress warmly, which means we cover up a lot of our bodies... its just something we do, ya know?

but in the spring time, and especially the summer, the clothes become less and less, as it becomes too hot in certain places

well, it is becoming spring here in ohio, and I was at work today... the high school next to us had just let out, and in walked this girl who was about a 7 maybe an 8, now she was not dressed slutty... and she looked like the quiet sensitive type (like me) but sometimes, we show ourselves through our fashion sense (even, guys do it sometimes). anyway she just was dressed in the cutest beginning of spring clothes I've ever seen. they were tight jeans, just tight enough... and this blouse that was relatively flirty, as well as heels, I thought to myself...damnnn

i wanted to say something to her, but as I came back to say something she had left to go home

i was salty the rest of the day, which basically is just saying guys, when you have an opp. take it while you can

my question is, why did I do this? why didn't I take the chance when I was able to?


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  • cuz you were afraid you just gotta do a quick gut check, go listen bro wrost thing she's gonna do is say screw off... say that in your head fast... don't think about it and just go bro go go go

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