I think I'm crazy. Why do I feel so bad about myself?

Guys and girls,.i really do think there is something wrong with me,cos I always think about my look-i don't like this and that,i m confused about my look all the time-specially weight,body.I'm not fat,but I don't have a "hot"body.I don't have money to buy good clothes,and I feel so pissed off-cos I love fashion,and it makes me sad.Plus I don't get attention from guys.Why is it like that? Why do I feel so bad about myself?Maybe I should concentrate on something else,cos I'm going insane.


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  • Indeed, concentrate on something else,like finding cheap beautiful clothes: clothes don't have to be fashion and expensive to make look fresh and attractive: it's more about colors and about choosing the "right ones", that fit you, that flatter you and make you look (and feel!) good. Cheap clothes can do that too.Just choose the right ones. Go shopping with a friend or parent who has an eye for such things. At Walmart or in a thrift shop.

    It's also about smiling. Looking as if you were happy. The little spark in your eyes. Funny girl. Sadness might attract some rare men, a happy smile attracts many more.

    • Really, look in your mirror, smile and you will see someone a guy wants to kiss, just because of her smile. Then look again, putting on your sad face: would YOU like to kiss that one?

      Try it, it won't cost you a dime or a nickel.

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  • ...? You know, sometimes people want to rant on here more than ask a question. I'm not complaining, just that, being more informing would really help rather than hearing you dislike many things of yourself.

    The way I see it, I'm never going to be six feet fall (5 '7 btw). I can rant and become hysterical about my "problem", but it's not going to change a thing. But here's the thing, you should learn to take heart in what you do have. I'm sure there are other qualities you have, but because you so much desire others, you might be causing yourself unneeded stress. And you shouldn't be doing this. After all, it's the little things; albeit "problems" we all have that make us who we are. The little idiosyncrasies that make us unique and special in our own right. So why deny yourself the pleasure of realizing your different, in your own right. As much as I might complain one day or two, I would hate to be anything else but myself.

    And if this still doesn't help, remember you can't love anyone else nor can anyone love you if you do not learn to love yourself.

    • It can be that I don't like myself,the person I am,maybe that's why I always wanna be someone else. I hope I can change the way I think about that.Cos I'm not a stupid chick who only thinks about her make up or hair.

    • By all means, learn to like at least some aspects of yourself : I am 100% sure you have likeable aspects in which you are better than lots of people. Discover them and put them in the spotlights. You won't have to search a lot.

  • You need to chill, basically. Focus on something other than clothes! I mean anything. You could talk to your friends and ask like, "Am I pretty?" and stuff like that and they will of course say, "Oh yes you are very pretty." It will boost your self esteem.

    • Haha no ,they are a**es,they would be nah,u aren't XD joke.You are right :)

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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I am not wealthy, and I dress in what flatters my features, it may not be "fashionable" but it works. I usually shop at the thrift store where I can find expensive brand names like forever twenty-one, gucci (seriously), and express and stuff. I can buy 6 different outfits for under 20 bucks. How awesome is that?

    I'm underweight, which is simply a result of being a college student who doesn't eat very often, I don't have a flattering back end, if you catch my drift.

    You're not crazy, you're just putting too much stress into your appearance. You need to feel sexy and accept yourself for who you are, not what you are.

    I want you to look in the mirror every day when you wake up and make sexy faces and talk to the mirror as if you're talking to a hot guy and he's interested in you.

    I did that, and as crazy as it sounds, I felt and showed that I was confident in myself, and that's what made me sexy.

    • I know,sometimes I'm confident about myself,cos I'm not ugly,i know it.But I feel like I am.Maybe I should just work out,and quit the annoying cry lol. Thanks for the answer,it helped.

    • Working out really helped me with my confidence as well.

      All those dudes in the gym, -drools- I'd be doing leg curls (it looks like your humping the machine, you bring your legs back and curl the bar towards your butt) and guys would be checking out my ass. XD

      Glad to be of help.

  • I feel you! I seriously feel you. I know how you feel...it sucks.

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