Why do men only tell their women that have nice shapes not to wear certain things, rather the ones that don't?

I notice men rather they be with their wives or girlfriends. Why do they tell their women that have nice decent shape not to wear certain clothes! Rather than the women that they be with them, that be fat and sloppy or real skinny with no shape, they don't say nothing to them! Like one girl I saw yesterday a light skin girl hefty and sloppy like, but she had on a tank top with a see through tights on, showing her draws lol! And her husband and child was with her, he didn't say a thing! But I bet any money if the girl would have had a nice shape to her, he probably would have told her not to come out and wear that! But why tho lol?


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  • not really true I'm on the chubby side and my boyfriend won't let me come out the house wearing anything that shows to much skin or anything like that I don't look bad in it I don't know he gets mad when I wear short shorts out the house he always tells me to change and idnt lisen to him

    • Wow I guess the guy didn't care about this chick then, because she definitely came out like that lol!

    • probably or he thinks he has a good ass looking girl when he don't lol

    • Hahaha true lol!