Are you dating someone who is better looking than you?

I have my eye on this guy who is simply (I can't put it any other way) - a stunner. I swear every time he walks, girls check him out. Even the covert checking out which women are pros at, seems rather blatant to me. He has this presence that you can't help but ogle him when he is around. And to make matters worse, he is sharp, witty, funny and kind. He probably can charm the bloody pants off anyone. No kidding.

So this too good to be true guy seems like a far dream for me. Any ideas how I would get him to notice me without making it obvious?

To point out my best qualities: I am smart with a formidable academic record, good conversationalist with dry humor and witty anecdotes besides having an ability to mingle with all levels of people. I am attractive when I dress up and do turn heads but it's too much of a bother to dress to the nines everyday. I am not naive but I do have a child-like way of looking at things without life's fancy frills. I am no sex-goddess and definitely lack any seduction techniques.

So any ideas how do I reel in this guy?


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  • It's glaringly apparent that while he can be charming in social situations and is as hot as you say, there doesn't seem to be an intelligence factor (wit does not equal brains). Just as your time goes towards what you consider valuable, so does everyone else's. Chances are if this guy is THAT good looking, he's probably worked at it and values his appearance (and that of girls) more than the qualities you value. For some girls, looking good by dressing to the nines everyday IS their priority. And for some guys, that's what they want. I think you should let this guy be eye candy and nothing more, because if his priorities are as such, once the initial attraction wears out, you'll be left bored. You sound like an incredible catch, so unless this guy is so perfect that he finds time to read Kant while chiseling his abs, hold out for someone with more to offer that you can relate to. There are attractive guys like that too. If I'm completely wrong and he's intereting to talk to besides past the introductory stage of finding out what his favorite everything is, I apologize and retract everything I've said. I'm going on odds, not on what is absolute.

    • I agree, haha- I didn't even know this was you Mrallen, I read it and was like this is what I would say, then saw it was you. Very funny.

    • Haha. Great minds...

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