Bridal Shower, Wedding Reception & Banquet

I wanted to know what I should wear for these three events. Can I wear the same dress for the reception and the banquet?

The bridal shower is at a fancy restaurant in NYC.

Also, do I need to give two presents? one during bridal shower and one during the wedding?

Thank you!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Wear one dress for the Bridal shower, and for the reception and banquet wear the same thing, it'll be fine, I assume of course they are held on the same day?

    Also, normally it IS appropriate to have one present for the bridal shower and one for the wedding. A basket of perfumes and soaps works and can be pretty formal, if it's for a friend you'll know them better than most and what to get them.


What Girls Said 1

  • You can wear the same dress to the three events, I don't think it will matter. The attention will be to the couple, so whatever you wear just needs to be a bit dressy. Maybe change up the accessories, or add something to the outfit that you didn't wear the other time.

    The reception and banquet you can keep the same accessories, since they are usually during the same day.

    For the gift, yes two gifts are usually expected. A gift for the shower and one for the wedding. However, it doesn't mean you need to buy two expensive gifts, only give what you can afford.

    If you get a really nice gift at the shower, you can give a less expensive gift at the wedding.