His mom said I was very beautiful?

So I hung out with a guy I'm interested in last weekend. (He is interested in me as well). So we hung out at his pool house for a while, and I met his parents. Later that night he told me his mom said I was very beautiful. For him to tell me that, does he probably think the same thing about me?


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  • I'd be sure of it. Why risk any embarrassment directly telling her she's attractive... when mother can say it, you tell her, on behalf of mamaa :)

    The word beautiful, is beautiful, it's kept it's meaning. He could have said 'Mum thinks you're pretty etc', but he used the word beautiful. His mother's opinion of you may be his mother's, but he was more than happy to share that opinion with you...

    Green flags are waving, pal. Rejoice


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  • He's most probably does, otherwise if he wasn't actually interested in you and he just wanted you for sex he wouldn't of taken you to meet his parents :)