Have a queen size bed? Is your bed on the right/ left/middle? Is it same side as books/dresser/ closet/ desk?

Can you describe where your bed, is in relation to front door, window, desk. table, closet, dresser, bookshelves, etc.



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  • I have a queen sized bed that is positioned in the middle of the room beneath a window.

    Walking into my room the closet is on the left, window is on the back wall with the bed under it and on the wall directly across the room from the back wall, is my dresser and tv.

    • thank you.

      if you had two windows on each side of where your bed is now(one right. one left) instead of in the middle. would you do anything differnt, with your bed?

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    • i love sleeping by windows AND I love things being centered. that's why I can't decide, because the windows are on opposite sides, & nothing in the middle. bed near a window, plus id have to balance other side, with something sizable, or it'd look side heavy... or no window but bed in center, ugh. lol ;)

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  • Queen size bed in the center of the room have a sitting area with couch and stuff for friends to chill on the left night stand touching the bed on the left desk on the right bathroom on the right and walk in closet off to the side like it's own room

  • I have a standard king size bed and it is near my closet, coffee stand and a black metal wire nightstand. There is a window to the left of my bed, and the door is on the other side of the room.


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  • My room isn't supposed to be a bedroom (it's kind of like a rec room.) So it's huge. I have a queen size bed on the left side and directly across from it I have a pull-out queen wall bed. I have a nightstand on either side my bed. and my dresser is to the right,as soon as you open the door.