Questions about attractiveness and dating

1. WITHOUT considering personality, do you think most people match to the same level of attractivness?

2. who do you think cares more about looks...guys or girls?

3. why would a guy make signs of interest, but not approach a girl

4. IF A GUY doesn't KNOW YOU (never talked to you, etc)how long would a guy show interest if he just wants to bang you? how long would he show interest if he wants more?

5. would a guy show interest for more than a year and not approach a female?

6. what do guys observe about a female when they first see her?

7. what makes a girl beautiful vs hot

8. do guys ever show signs of interest to any UGLY GIRL? (maybe he believes she is easier) if so, how long would that last?



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What Guys Said 1

  • 1. Varies, a lot.

    2. Hard to say, a guy will walk up to a girl he finds attractive if he is confident enough to. I hear girls talk about a guys looks A LOT though.

    3. A guy would make signs but not approach, because he may have fear or rejection.

    4. If a guy doesn't know you walked up and asked for your number, chances are he isn't looking for another friend.

    5. Sure, if he isn't confident enough/ she's intimidating.

    6. Their appearance of course, specifics might change generally their face how they look, body general figure w/e.

    7. Beautiful seems like a better compliment because you always hear guys say 'hot' generally means sexy. Do you ever hear someone say "you have hot eyes"? Generally more of you have a nice body/ sex appeal. Most compliments seem to be hot now though they may mean both.

    8. Some may, most I know would look at her appearance first I don't very often see any 'ugly' girls unless they are very overweight. There are countless questions from girls asking why they get asked out more when they 'look like sh*t' so yes if you look less intimidating you may get more guys asking you out.


What Girls Said 1

  • 1. Varies. I've seen ugly people with beautiful people and people on the same level together.

    2. Girls care more about looks when it comes to themselves, but if you mean when it comes to dating I think both are pretty shallow.

    3...6. No clue.

    7. Hot = slutty, beautiful = classy

    8. It depends on your definition of ugly versus the guy's definition.