Attractiveness in the dating world?

Please don't give me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder crap. We all know that guys are visual creatures

When it comes to seeing random people on the street, just by their looks, some people get looked at/checked out more than others.

Not everyone is on the same level of attractiveness. Some people are ugly, but their personality makes them beautiful. Some people are gorgeous or hot, and that's how they are liked.

But when it comes to dating, are guys (at first glance of a woman) going to be attracted to girls on their level of attractiveness

Ex: a model/ or good looking guy wouldn't look and check out a really ugly girl and say I want to get to know her. If a guy is attractive he knows what he can get. So he'll go find a girl who is on his level

Same goes with girls




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  • I'm not really sure? I think it depends on how confident you are. I'm assuming you mean like the "she's outta my league" type of thing.

    I can't speak for all guys, so I'll just speak for myself. I'm not sure how attractive I am to girls seeing as I've only had one real relationship spanning over 8 years, but as a 24 year old guy I would like to think that the normal, average everyday girl that I would see at a coffee shop would find me attractive...not sure if she would, just saying.

    But I think your main question is if a guy who sees himself as average going to be attracted to the super model type. Personally, I find models and girls with the "perfect body" completely unattractive. As I said above, I would much rather have a girl who isn't perfect...the perfect image is so fake. Honestly, I find girls most attractive in sweats without make-up.

    Overall, I'm not entirely sure what defines attraction to me. One thing I suppose is physical fitness...I'm a really active guy who runs 25 miles a week, plays sports, and weight trains so I would want a girl who is willing to be active with me. Not saying she has to be extremely skinny or athletic, just somebody who is able to be active with me.

    I feel like my answer was all over the place, but I suppose I agree with you.


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  • Basically.

    The only anomaly to this would be with hipster and "alternative" guys.

    The guys covered in tattoos with 2.5in plugs and septum piercings.

    98% of girls find them completely unattractive.

    But they're very good at appealing to a specific audience of women, the population within which they can actually score some pretty hot women.

    • Or bad boys can attract many woman too

    • Only to an extent.

      Being a "bad boy" is just an attractiveness multiplier.

      You still have to be hot to begin with, or you're multiplying by zero.

      I'm sure a lot of women thought George Clooney was really hot in "Oceans 11" link

      I don't think any women thought Steve Buscemi was attractive in "Reservoir dogs"... link

    • That's true! Very good point.

  • For the most part, yup.

  • We all know that girls are visual creatures too.

  • I think I am attracted to girls at about the same level as myself.

    For the most part, I agree with your statement


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  • I agree that more attractive people get checked out more. I don't about guys being attracted to girls on the same level of their attractivness, I don't really agree with that. A lot of boys date girls who are much less attractive than they are physical and personality wise.

    • But that's after they know their personality. Hot guys who are with ugly girls are 1) insecure 2) she's gives good head 3) her personality

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    • I feel like those guys are insecure though and think that's the best they can get. Those ugly girls tend to be whores though :(

      But I mean how would you know for sure if you are hot enough for someone?

    • Not "Whores" but "Easy". Yesterday I was at work, and there was these guests one guy was perfectly decent, kinda cute he was hitting on this ugly chick and I'm like "Are you f***ing kidding me, LOOK AT HER!"

      I actually do not know. I myself confused. I guess you just have to be confident and if you do get rejected you must not care. I'm very insecure about my looks, I get along with guys (some of them at least) but I dunno.