Do hot guys like it when?

Girls get all gushy and fan girly over them? It's a question I should have asked when I was younger


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  • hum.. I would say yes but in small dosages, in this case I would say less is more showing them that you are crazy for them but can control yourself. If a girl acted like that around me I would be flattered.

    not sure if I'm good looking enough in your mind but that's my opinion.


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  • Sometimes it's hot. Other times it's creepy. One time at work this girl was crushing on me and after I got off work, tired and ready to head home, I found her sitting on the hood of my car out in the parking lot waiting for me to get off. Just creepin...that was pretty annoying.

    • That is creepy..

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    • LOL. Not until now. I suppose I could do way worse for parents.

    • haha maybe.

  • At work there used to be a couple group of girls usually either in pairs or 4s that would follow me around at work and be obnoxiously loud about liking me. They were 15-16 years old.

    The guys at work would call me over and tell me that my fan club was here.

    I would always walk away or go on break when they came in.

    I finally had to tell them off because they started following me home.

    It's just creepy but this isn't the first time girls have been creepy.

    • Wow... that sounds kind like me at 14... Awkward. Well not entirely cause I knew I was never gonna see that sales guy ever again.

  • If you're hot, then yes. If not, then they still like the fact someone's gushing for them.

  • I'm not hot so I wouldn't kno but I would imagine those hot guys would like it. You should already kno that now that your an old lady.

    • I'm not that old. You see that it says under 18 for my age

    • I know, I was being sarcastic.

    • ...

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