Tanning questions for guys and girls.

I'm 16, just turned it actually and I'm going tanning for the first time next week.

Mainly girls can answer these ones! :

1.) What do you wear. I know you can wear a bikini but which is the best kind and that kind of thing?

2.) Will they tell me what my tan will look like after I go so that I don't look a bad shade.. I have been told I should tan olive.. but I don't really know! ;/

3.) How often should I go? I am going to buy either a 5/6 pack for 25 dollars and I get to use those whenever I want. But should I only get that? I might want to get a thing for 50 dollars with like extra tannings like maybe 12-20 tannings for only 50 dollars. I don't know how often I will need to go or what I need to do to make myself STAY tan.

I don't want to have to go really often. The most I will go is once every 2 weeks.

I don't want to waste the tanning things that I am buying.. so even if the tan "wears off" will I still be at least a darker shade than I was.. like will it be there for a while?

Any other information you can give me about tanning in a tanning bed would be amazing! ;) THANKS!

And for guys:

Do you like when girls are tan?

Would a girl with green eyes and light blonde hair look good with a nice tan??


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  • 1) where I go tanning. you don't wear anything. well you can if you want, but then you just get tan lines and I didn't want those.

    2) you never really know what your going to look like tan. its kind of hard for people to tell you that type of thing. but it won't look bad most likely.

    3) I went everyday for a month in the level 3 for 10 minutes. I skipped a few days because I had work all day, but to get tan you need to go more often its not a one time in the booth your tan and you can go a week or two. you need to get a base tan and work your way up or it won't work. you will look how you normally did if you don't work yourself up. so I suggest the 12-20 tannings and go every to every other day unless you get burnt, then skip a couple days.

    one other thing. its winter well at least in new england and if someone if really tan now it looks kind of awkward, I usually start in march or april.

    • You say 12 - 20 days but I just turned 15, can't drive.. and I already spent all my money on my acryclics. So I only have 50/60 left of my money...

      In my salon for level one tanning.. it is 35 dollars ( 5 dollars off right now ) for 10 sessions.

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    • Depends on the salon, like if they change the bulbs frequently and stuff. I started in a level 3 it was expensive but I was working so I didn't really care, and I did the month unlimited so I got in as much time as I possibly could.

    • So if you do not see results doing it 1 or 2 a week you should go more often. so you will get a tan. but if you tan easily and see results you can continue it like that. it all depends on how you tan and if the bulbs are good at the salon

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  • A tan is a plus, ONLY if it's not excessive. Not only is it extremely unhealthy for your skin in the long run, guys honestly do not care much at all! That's the one thing I've noticed... girls place so much emphasis on makeup and tanning, but guys really don't care about all that. It's as they say, less is more. But in the end, you should do what makes you feel confident. Just be careful with tanning, because you'll be at huge risk for skin cancer in 25 years if you keep it up.

    Oh, and if your reality check picture is recent, you really have nothing to worry about.

    • Great points. Girls usually are the ones commenting on each others' tans, not guys.

  • You shouldn't be tanning with a bathing suit. You can if you want, but I wouldn't suggest it.

    You will be tan as long as you constantly go.

    I stop tanning for 6 months out of the year, and then start again for 6 months. To get a base tan, you will need to go for 3 weeks at least 12 times during the total period. Each time you increase the length you can tan.

    Say the max time is 12 minutes. Start out at 3. Working your way to the 12 minute max.

    To maintain your tan, you will need to keep tanning every week.

    You should buy a monthly package. It is very cost effective. I pay $60 for unlimited tanning in a one month time frame.

    If you become very dark (tan 5 days a week) then it will last when you stop for a while. Otherwise it won't.


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  • I'm not into the whole fake tanning. It's not healthy for you. But the best thing to wear is a strapless black bikini. So you don't have marks on your collar. Place some lotion between your fingers and toes so that they stay a lighter shade as they naturally would. (don't go out and buy a strapless) Just tuck the straps into your top. To make sure the tan isn't obvious it's fake always wear the shower cap a little further back so that part of your scalp is showing. But I'm not sure about which color. I know people that have come back orange. It doesn't do what a normal "spend the day at the beach" tan would do. Your whole body is equally tan like the back of your arms are the same color which aren't normally. (I grew up on a beach practically so I got used to being dark)

  • Age 16 sweetie wait till your 18 because if you start doing it that young you will turn into a baseball glove by the 21 and trust me its un attractive.