Goth/punk girls: how to dress?

Do you prefer or expect the guy you are dating to dress punk or goth or have tattoos and piercings.

I don't dress preppy but could I get away something less flamboyant and more plain and subtle


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  • It's more so the personality.

    But granted there are things that punk girls and goth girls like more on their guys than other trends.

    Goth girls are usually looking for someone that's a similar style of goth as they are.

    Find out what kind of goth she is and look up the guy version of it.

    Usually it's just a lot of black and tripp pants.


    That's different.

    You're best weapon with punk girls is band tees, but don't be that guy who doesn't know anything about the band he's sporting.

    Don't be someone you're not to get the girl.

    • i think goth and punk chicks are hot plain and simple. I love industrial, metal, alternative and indie music. I just don't dress like it.

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  • They usually go for guys that listen to their type of music

  • Wear all black

  • My friend went for this lumber jack army back pack wearing guy but she totally could have done better but then again she says she doesn't date her own race..metrosexual have a better chance than preppies


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