What to do when you see a ridiculously pretty girl?

This girl came into my work with a guy. Needless to say she was extremely beautiful, to the point where every guy is staring. Obviously I'd like a girl to have more than just looks, but she was just so easy on the eyes and she seemed interested. At first I didn't know she came in with a guy. She came over to my area looking around and made eye contact with me. I didn't look away and we smiled at one another. Then I saw the guy with her. I wasn't sure if they were together. She came back in tonight and a similar thing happened, again with the guy, but it may have been a different guy. I don't know what I'd do if we got to talk. It's not that she's just beautiful, there was something about her. For all I know the guy could be her brother or something because they weren't entirely showing signs that they were dating. If she shows up a third time I'd be stupid to ignore it.

Is it stupid to pursue girls as pretty as she is? I have nothing against any girl, but obviously some stand out more and grab my interest. Plus I'm actually looking for the right girl, not just a girl to sleep with. I feel like I shouldn't have to settle. Somebody has to be that girl's boyfriend right? My friend said it's stupid to pursue girls like that because we're "average" guys, but who says that girl isn't an average girl. I mean of course she's special. I just think we all have more to us and there's nothing wrong with going for any girl you want when you're intentions are pure. Rejection isn't as bad as not knowing.


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  • do it. you only live once. and honestly I wish there were more guys like you around out there. update if you can

    • thats a good mentality, however its so much easier to say than to do! I mean how many gorgeous guys have you honestly tried your best to pursue?

    • and I tip my hat to a true man looking for a quality lady.

      haha I'm not gonna lie it takes balls, but you really don't have anything to loose. you sound confident in yourself which is good.

What Guys Said 1

  • Your friend sounds pretty lame; so he only approaches fat and ugly girls? I'm glad I don't have that mindset. Just yesterday at the Mall some gorgeous "10" came right around the corner where I was about to turn, and I made an instant u-turn and started my chit-chat routine (no success though).