What does it mean when he looks deep into my eyes when we make love?

Ok so I have hooked up with the guy from my previous question...

To recap.. Started as friends, knew each other for 9 months before getting together and have been together for a month.. During that 9 months, he was with his ex. He never cheated..Ever.. I told him how I felt and he said that he was "trying to be fair to her and let things run their course" even though he was terribly unhappy. Thought I was stuck in the friend zone for the longest time because he came to me so often about her stalking or the professional sabotage that she was committing (they worked together)

But with all that said and even though I tried REALLY hard not too, I began to catch feelings and honestly feel like I am starting to fall for this guy, but I am aware that one month is WAY too soon to be talking love with him... And I have even iterated to him that I know I feel more than he does because he had the whole ex thing going on.. He just keeps saying, you never know or telling me that I have no idea how much us being together means to him...

Ok so I have body issues.. Not going into that, but, I usually close my eyes for most intimacy. The first time we made love, he did the typical guy look at my body thing, but when our eyes locked it was deep and intense, not like bedroom eyes.. Something else hard to explain, which made me uncomfortable so I kept closing my eyes as usual to help me cope with my self consciousnesses..

the 2nd, he never took his eyes off of mine. I tried to look at him as much as possible but still closed my eyes. He asked days later why I did that and I told him. He said that I was beautiful and that he would like to see my eyes more but that he understood.

So last night and this morning, I was able to keep his gaze.. And the entire time we were making love, no matter what we were doing, he was right there with his intense blue eyes staring so deeply in my eyes.. He never once looked away, but neither did I... I have never ever had that... Not even when I was married either time.

My friends (women) say that must mean he is feeling like he loves me too, but I am not sure, I would like a guys take on this.. I know that if it meant nothing or if he was unsure like the 1st time he wouldn't have done that... But does it mean anything at all?


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  • I don't think it means he loves you, but it is a good sign if he stares into your eyes. There's nothing better than staring into my fiance's eyes when I come or she cums. So intense. Maybe it's just a huge turn on for him.

    • So it's a possibility that you are not in love with your fiance?

      I don't get how your first statement says:

      " I don't think it means he loves you, but it is a good sign if he stares into your eyes"

      Then you go on to say that you do that to your fiance when you "come"...So do you love her orrrr...?

      Im sorry, I just feel that once you are engaged that sex between you & your partner is much more value, you can't just right away compare it to a action between someone that you say you don't think loves her

    • Usually, the first few times guys/girls have sex, they are not in love. So, if he's staring deep into your eyes, then it's probably not love, but more like lust. It's intense. Of course I love my fiance', and yes, it is very valuable to me. I'm saying, a guy/girl CAN stare deep into each others eyes WITHOUT being in love with each other, that's all I'm saying. Don't assume that just because he's staring into your eyes, it automatically means he loves you. That's all I meant.

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  • I love doing that! Eye contact is a very powerful thing no matter when you do it, animals do It out in the wild all the time for various reasons. Eye contact represets a lot things but during sex it represents a deep connection that you're acknowledging. Think of it how you're were doin it prior, looking away or closing your eyes for most or all of the time. That's not cool, like you're not enjoying it or don't want to see him while it's happening. It's a good thing if he stares deeply into your eyes while you have sex, means he has feelings for you.

    • Sometimes sex gets so intense that you just can't take the power of it, some girls are very timid and shy during sex while also enjoying the pleasure, some guys actually like that about some girls. Some have the fear of actually facing him and to lock eyes while he is giving you very sensual love making. It can be sweet sometimes.

    • Thats definetely true, not saying it's bad to no make eye contact, but never doing it is. Eye contact is important and it's definetely something that has a lot of power when coupled with six.

  • Well it means that he's trying to really connect with you, guys know that girls love all these little things.


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  • Sounds like he is so in love with you. I think it's beautiful. you may feel like you feel more.

    But from experience I know that every guy is completely different and you would be surprised at how he may actually truly feel for you.

    Men have the ability to mask their true deep emotions so well that no one could truly know how that man feels inside himself. Only HE knows. But damn girl! if he keeps looking at you like that...I think that means his heart is beating so sweetly to you while you guys make love. He loves your face, he must honestly and truly know that you are so beautiful inside and out.

    The eyes are the gateway to someones soul. It's so true. Keep LOVING! ? !

    • @Men have the ability to mask their true deep emotions so well that no one could truly know how that man feels inside himself.

      Anyone can do that. And often you end up not knowing how you feel. its rare for anyone to know exactly how they feel, when they pretend to everyone else they don't feel.. you can't keep yourself out of your lies. You are influenced by everything you do.

    • @Toulouse- I was making a general statement to the specific situation at hand. OBVIOUSLY "ANYONE" CAN DO THAT, BUT NOT "EVERYONE" DOES, SO THERE IS A LIMITATION TO YOUR BOLD COUNTER STATEMENT TOWARDS MY ANSWER.

      I WAS MAKING MY POINT MADE PERTAINING TO THE SPECIFIC GENTLEMAN INCLUDED IN THIS QUESTION, Which the fact that I have stated could possibly* be a factor in his actions towards her.

  • Hey, I wouldn't complain. That sounds hot

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