What to do when there's an emotional attachment but no longer physically attracted to the person! help!

Me and this guy have been talking for almost 3yrs he lives in my old state, I have been very physically attracted to him this whole time and I'm super excited because we have been through a lot of ups and downs and he finally told me there's a 90% chance we will be together when I move back.. the other 10% is him not thinking ill even move.

But there is one problem!

These past 3yrs he has had long hair, like shaggy past his ears and he was so hot. And he has never worn glasses. But he comes over with extremely short hair and glasses and I just wasnt attracted to him at all, I was pretty much turned off. I mean his face is fine up close but the haircut just doesn't work for his body type..

I have a strong emotional attachment to him so I can't let him go but what do I do if I'm not physically attracted to him anymore?

Should I tell him to grow it out again? he knows I don't like it..


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  • Tell him but honestly in my opinion if you really care for him, would it matter what he looks like? What if he was saying that about you? How would you feel? Would you want to be with him? The emotional attachment your feeling, is it just something your used too? Has he become almost a routine for you too like? But all in all if its just really his hair that's bothering you that much tell him, I'm sure he will grow it out for you if he care s for you that much:)