My primer makes my face look sweaty

I use VS Pro Airbrush oil free primer and it does not look good on my face. It makes it look oily and sweaty. How come? I thought primer was supposed to set your face, not make it shine more than it already is.


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  • If you want a good primer then go with either Mally's Poreless Prep Primer or Laura Gellar's Spackle Primer. If you want to save money and get good results then I found an awesome product that makes the best primer ever. It's strange and you wouldn't believe it till you used it. Its Milk of Magnesia and I'm so not joking. I have really oily skin and my makeup melts within like 30 minutes of putting it on. I hate it. I searched primers online and Milk of Magnesia kept on coming up. I get a foam makeup applicator and put a small amount on it. Then I smooth it on all over my face. It instantly gives you a matte look and it locks in your face creams. Your makeup goes on very smooth and you have barely any shine through out the day. I only have to use powder once a day now. I have acne prone skin and it doesn't have any side effects. Its the best primer I have ever used. You can search it yourself and see how many people use it. I have spent over $40 on primers and nothing comes close to Milk of Magnesia.


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  • because Victoria's Secret makes crappy makeup.

  • use loose powder

  • I personally use Laura Gellers spackle.


    It's great. A little goes a LONG way with this product.