GUYS: what do you find attractive in a girl?

What do you find sexy or cute in a girl you are interested in(looks&personality)? What makes her seem like the girlfriend type or just a fling?what about piercings/tattoos?I'm just wondering what the majority of guys find attractive in a you care about the # of sexual partners she's had,what would you expect her # to be ?


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  • Well, I'm hardcore boyfriend I'm not the hookup type. With that being the case, the most attractive girl to me would be the committed, faithful girlfriend type.

    As far as looks, I can't really pinpoint or describe any preferences. I won't sugarcoat it...for any relationship to work, there has to be a physical attraction. The only preference I would have, and even so, its not a deal breaker, is if she was active and into physical activity. I'm always active, whether running, playing tennis, basketball, weight training, whatever. With that being the case, I would hope she is active and somewhat conditioned like I am. In other words, I don't want a girl who is home sitting on the couch while I'm at the gym. I guess that kinda fits into the looks category.

    Personality wise, I find the reserved, shy, down to earth girl ,most attractive. I've never met one, but in a perfect world, I would find her lol. Highly unlikely because I'm shy as well, so its doubtful that either one of us would be brave enough to make the first "hello" so to speak.

    As I said, I would definitely want the girlfriend type. That kinda goes hand in hand with the number of partners she's had. Any girl who is girlfriend material is most likely not gonna have double digit numbers of partners. The hookup type on the other hand, is gonna have an extremely high number.

    The thing with me is that I know that the perfect girl doesn't exist...I just want someone whose perfect for me. Any girl who doesn't dress to impress, who is comfortable with who she is, and is searching for a guy whose the same way.

    Oh, and by the way, tattoos...turn off.

    • Thank you for actually being a genuine guy or at least that's what it sounds like. All the guys over here are the opposite of that

    • Im not sure what you mean by genuine, but thanks. I'm just a realist...just a normal guy who wants a normal girl I guess lol

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  • The girls I find attractive and I say I with a capital "I", this does not go for any other guy, just me.

    No tattoo's, I do find piercings sexy , but don't over do it. How many sexual partners you had in the past doesn't bother me, as long as you keep it in the past and don't have sex with them during our relationship and I don't want to know the number, that's just for the best.

    I don't like skinny or too overweight obese girls, but being a bit chubby is okay.

    Personality wise, she has to be caring and not a complete hot head about every little detail about everything everyone else does or says.

  • In looks its about yeah... finding the right type.

    For me on the outside

    90% is the face, if she isn't cute then its a no thnx

    10% is the rest, for example is she a bit fat? I don't care, does she dress strangely ? so what

    a guy should respect a women taste.

    On the inside its more about

    Nr1: does she flirt with me, or show interest in me?

    okay basicly that flatters me a lot if a cute girl flirt with me. it gives me a big ego boost

    probably all guys, except your extremely hot and your like ... yeah another hot chick wanne date me pff go away..

    Nr2: Does she talks alot? okay that's realllyyyyy personnal, because I love girls that talk a lot about interesting stuff. most guys don't like extremely talky girls but that's just me.

    Nr3: Is she sweet?

    well yeah probably! if you like him, you will be probably extra sweet to him.

  • I find 7/10 girls attractive, but its all about the energy they exude :) I like positive friendly upbeat personalities in girls

  • I find attractive when a girl smiles a lot.


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