I will never settle for less than what I want!

In dating I'm extremely picky. When it comes to hooking up I don't really care, as long as they're attractive in my eyes. I refuse to settle for anyone who isn't my dream man. In looks I love the all American look. Blue eyes, blond hair (it doesn't have to be blond tho), nice smile and muscular. I love the whole cam gigandent, channing tatum and luke bryan look. I want a Masculine looking guy who still looks sweet. I want him to have that warm look. His personality as to be out of this world. I want to find a guy who can make me laugh, have a strong connection with, is educated, has a good job (makes a decent amount of money-a lot) friendly. I'm go to school and work full time. I'm getting a degree in teaching and nursing. Having a well paid job is a must. Taking vacations with the family at least twice a year is a must. I want to be able to have emotional similarities yet differences. I want him to be understanding. I like finishing sentences with guys. I want to live on the beach (that's not a must tho)and I want him to love kids. I want to be with him forever. I want him to get jealous enough where he care but not so jealous where he looks psycho. I want him to have a friendly an respectful attitude. I want to know he loves me by the way he looks at me. Eyes say everything. Eyes are the windows to the soul. Every time I deny a guy who isn't on that level they always have something negative to say. The thing is I refuse to settle.


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  • Good luck. I doubt there is a man with each and every single one of those traits. Especially the vacation part, most good jobs in America don't give enough vacation to take twice a year.

    Having standards is essential, make no mistake. But your standard is very narrow and totally unrealistic, I'd hate to say it, but you will probably be alone for a long time then. In the mean time, the many of the guys you rejected will go on and have fullfilling relationships, great sex, adorable children while still having good jobs and living in big houses.

    I wish you good luck! :)


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  • Um...where's the question?

  • someone is having a tough time coming out of their world of fantasy. good luck in for filling that "dream"

  • I wish you good luck, Princess Iwant*!

    (and even more luck to the guy you set your mind on)

    And what will you do after your divorce? Find another one meeting your minimal requests?

    Let's hope you are the only heir to some big fortune.

    • Am a princess

      I go to school, do everything for the guy I love, show respect to him, give him space. I will never settle.

      The princess always gets what she wants

      I'm shallow and love it

    • So in your mind you believe just because you have a p**** between your legs, your special entitled to everything? LMFAO.

  • Dream on. No wonder more women than ever are childless.

  • i see no problem with that, you just might be single for a really long time though lol

  • Good for you! Never settle for less than perfect!

    • You are the only guy that doesn't have a problem. Guys who have a problem with this are very insecure

    • I don't think he was all that serious.

    • insecure? you got it the other way around... a dumbass who would actually marry you and spend all his annual salary on you and everything else he has is not just "super insecure", but a coward, momma's boy, idiot, loser, etc

  • Good luck. There is shallow and stupid and then shupid. You decide :)

  • good for you then, keep on looking.

  • I guess she couldn't the truth.

    • I just don't care

    • Maybe that's your problem. You really think and believe your gonna find someone like you described? keep dreaming and even if you do, chances are he'll dump you for someone better.

  • And what you do have to offer princess? You must have said the pronoun "I" 50 times. You want perhaps the 0.3% of available men. Are you the 0.3% of beautiful looks, personality, wealth, social circle, etc? Your entitlement mentality will leave you single at 30 if keep it up. I seriously hope you weren't serious.

    • I'm very serious. This has more to do with personality and life goals. I will never marry a guy no makes less than 100k

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    • Lol, I just looked through the questions on her profile. She needs a nose job, random guys at theme parks find her bitchy. The poor girl has major issues. Needs therapy.

    • LOL what a shocker there.

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  • That sounds like a lovely image of a man, you're forgetting something vital here though. Someone else pointed out how many times you say I. That's your problem. You're basing your dream man on the assumption that some masculine wonderful man is out there just waiting to fulfill YOUR every need, basically, to live for you and you only. Masculine wonderful men have their own lives (as do many other wonderful types of people, but this is the one you are focusing on so I will too). They have their own agenda, friends, family, careers, hobbies, desires, needs, wants, wishes . . . What do you have to offer a man? I promise you any man who makes over 100K, couldn't care less what you have for a career. Your job does nothing for him. Yes, eyes are the window to the soul, and he'll see right to yours. With your way of thinking, that's NOT a good thing for you. Sounds like you need to really figure out what it means to be a PARTNER in a loving relationship. If you want a man to give his best to you, you have to give your best to him. I don't think you have any idea at this point in your life to know what it takes to keep a man happy and by the time you figure it out you'll be 35, single wondering WTH happened. Get your head out of the sand and grow the F up.

  • There's Mr. Prefect and then there's Mr. Right For Me. There is huge difference between what you want and what you need. But if you find him, congratulations.

    Actually this makes me feel great, I thought I was shallow for wanting someone taller than me.

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