So, guys, do looks really matter that much when it comes to dating?

I have always been self conscious regarding the way I look, and because of that I've never been able to be completely happy with myself. I hate my face and my body so much that I've become somewhat of a tomboy, because wearing manly baggy clothes allows me to hide my body from everyone else. I like baggy jeans and loose t-shirts and hoodies, I hate dresses and girlie things in general, I don't use makeup - as you can see, I don't make an effort to look good, simply because I don't like and don't feel comfortable wearing clothes that might accentuate my figure.

Needless to say, I have never been on a date with anyone, and I've never had a boyfriend.

The thing is, I'm a nice girl. I crack jokes and make people laugh and am generally interesting, and I feel confident about my strong personality, but I just don't have the looks to go With that. Guys never pay me any attention at all, and those who do always seem to friend zone and reject me.

Are looks really that important? Why can't they be able to look past that and see how much of awesome person I really am?


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  • Is this post a joke?

    As much as some people might hate it, both genders offer one main thing each in the dating game.

    For guys, it's status. Confidence, financial success, game. Looks are of secondary importance, and whether the guy has slept around is pretty much a non-factor, because a wimpy virgin would be laughed at, not be a dating prize.

    For women, it's sexual. Guys approach and hit on girls because they're sexually attracted. Or bored. Either way, it's looks that make a guy approach a girl, and personality that will make him like her more or dislike her.


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  • Yeah they matter. In fact studies have shown men care more about looks in a long term relationship then a short term one.

    Dating - and being a couple - is not JUST about finding someone awesome and fun to hang out with and care about. It's also about desire and physical longing. And guys are not that keen to be monogamous with someone they're not attracted too.

  • Ultimately, looks are very important when it comes to dating.


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