How often do beautiful women get told their beautiful by...?

Men they're attracted to:?

Men they aren't attracted to:?


I told this girl that clearly has got it going on that she's gorgeous but along with it I said, "I bet you get this a lot" it got me thinking to how girls like this get told this.

She never replied so, I'm assuming she doesn't find me attractive, which I'm cool with, I'm just hoping it made her day, even if she doesn't find me attractive

By the way, she does have a boyfriend

Title should be "they're". I used the wrong they're!


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  • I see myself as beautiful, but if I wasn't beautiful to the majority of men I wouldn't know...hmmmm

    Anyway I'll just tell you my experience with being told this...

    1.) The men I'm attracted to are just the right ones to handle this situation with grace, they let me know intially that I'm good looking but they wait until they know "me" as a person to say they find me beautiful.

    2.) These men sometimes have good intention but it's not something that gets me excited, because I know they're just going off appearance.

    Overall: When I'm told this upfront by any man I just say thank you, and see where exactly he's going with it...i'm beautiful and...?

    • andd...well, there ISN"T anything else to go off of yet. Can't expect someone to make a move and spontaneously know everything about you. They can only see if you look like a good person, and use that to find out if you really ARE a good person.

    • I'm want to know if that person is willing to go to the extent of getting to know me, some men don't do this they think since they threw a compliment it's going to be butterflies, carousels and lollipops afterward. Not at all bud.

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  • I've only been told I'm beautiful by two guys I've been attracted to, and I met both of them online. I've been told by some guys that I'm not really attracted to as well, also mostly online. It's not that I'm only online... I just don't get compliments from real life guys for some reason. Ever.

  • If she is really beautiful it probably didn't make any different to be quite honest.

    I don't particularly consider myself to be beautiful but at the same time I don't really hate my looks or anything and I get told often enough that I look good, after awhile I guess it kinda stops meaning anything.

  • I don't know how pretty I am but my boyfriend sends me "good morning beautiful" text messages to me every morning. And occasionally at random times will tell me that I'm so pretty/beautiful or whatever.

    And yes, it definitely makes me super happy to hear that from the guy I'm with. I'm sure you did make her day even if she didn't reply (which is completely understandable since she has a boyfriend). All girls like to be told they're beautiful/attractive.

    • You know that "good morning beautiful" is a "Deftones" song, right? He's using a song title, which is a bit might want to check out why he's doing that! say you're a blue eyed beauty, so that must mean you think you are beautiful

      I happen to find you beautiful myself

      Oh, by the way, she posted a status today, and she finally replied to me after I replied to her about it. I'm not sure if she even ever got my original message

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    • That or she just doesn't know how to reply to it

  • I can honestly say messaging a girl that when she has a boyfriend is kinda crossing a line

    • I wasn't asking your opinion on what I did. I asked your opinion on how often beautiful women get told this. Next time, try answering the question at hand!

  • I don't believe I'm super pretty but I know that everyone is pretty no matter what but I don't really get told a lot.. I get told I have pretty eyes and smile but that's it


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  • They get told they are beautiful all the time by men they are attracted to and men that they are not attracted to. They many not always get told that they are beautiful constantly per say...but they get quiet a lot of attentiont though, like they get a lot of guys doing stuff for them or they get a lot of guys talking to them in one way or another.

    Don't believe that bull sh*t that women say that beautiful women don't get told that they are good looking all the time because guys are scared to say that because how good looking they are...That is just some bs excuse to tell themselveds that because they get a few guys flirting with them it must be because they are good looking pfffffh.

    Wishful thinking at its best!

    • "guys are scared to say that because how good looking they are...That is just some bs excuse to tell themselveds that because they get a few guys flirting with them it must be because they are good looking." True, guys once the opportunity is presented are not afraid to say it. Fear in men of beautiful women only really comes out when they want to approach them. Pretty girls get passes made at them all the time, but rarely get a guy come up to them confidently and seriously asking them out.

  • Seriously, if she has a boyfriend, there's your reason for her not responding right there. Chances are good her boyfriend is jealous too. Messing with her is dangerous, you should back off.

    • If she has a boyfriend, that shouldn't stop you from complimenting a girl on her good looks. All girls love that sh*t. Especially when people notice how much effort she put into being beautiful. But be cool about it. High five the boyfriend and be like, "Good job bro!". If he still has a problem with it, f*** him. He's an insecure prick. Smash his face.