How do I prevent/reverse heat damage?

I have very tightly curled hair and I have heat damage. It's not like I flat iron often, only once a week. I use tresemme heat protectant and I used a tourmaline flat iron but my hair is still being damaged. The heat setting I use is like 360-390. Using lower heat does not get my hair straight. Wearing my hair curly is not an option because I feel ugly when it's curly. I hope some of you girls can help me good tips and advice about this.


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  • The only thing I would suggest is, I know it sucks but you're probably going to have to get a haircut to get rid of the damaged hair. There's no way to reverse it, unfortunately. As for prevention, once a week doesn't seem like it should be that bad for your hair. And you're using a heat protectant as well. I'm surprised because I have friends who straighten their hair almost daily and they don't really get that much damage. I dunno, maybe it's been a while since you last got a cut/trim, so it looks unhealthy?

    P.S. Curly hair is beautiful! Try different hairstyles if you want to change it up a bit.


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  • the only way to reverse what you already have is to get a haircut.

    to prevent it, you need to leave a deep conditioner (deeep by Bumble&bumble is good) in your hair for about 20 minutes under a shower cap every time you wash your hair.

    turn your heat down higher than 350ish. its really damaging to use that high of heat.

    tresemme is no good, you need a different protectant. john friedas is good.

    you should alternate weeks straightening it. curls are in anyway, wearing it natural has to be an option or your hair will be straw by the time you're 30.

    • Anything lower than 350 will not straighten my hair. I thought that hair can handle up to 400. Okay I will get some John Frieda.

      And curls aren't the big pretty silky curls, mine is like small frizzy curls. The only thing that's good about my hair is that it's thick but that's also a bad thing.

  • You should really should consider getting the Japanese Straightening treatment. It is kinda expensive like $500 but it is permenant and you only have to get root touch up every now and then. It will repair you have and you won't do as much heat damage to it.

    • Isn't that even worse? I heard that chemical straightening is the worse thing you can do to your hair and that it ruins the integrity of your hair.

    • No it actually isn't. It isn't chemical it is nautral/thermal. It makes your hair looking healthier after the treatment, and stop heat damage in the long run. It isn't like getting a relaxer or anything. It isn't unhealther for your hair. Look it up, you should be able to find all the info needed and decide if you think it would be a good choice for you!