Hair styles for straight hair (growing it out)

I'm growing my straight hair out, but I don't know how I long I want it or what style it should be.

Any recommendations?


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  • I really depend on what kind of person you are. I know that sounds weird but if you are more emo/punk then it would be say different if you were surfer/preppy. What kind of stores do you like to shop at?

    • I'm more surfer/preppy than emo/punk.

      I think I'd say I'm more indie/rock though.

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    • No, uh, it's straight, lol.

      It gets kinda wavy sometimes though, but just slightly.

    • Ok I like these people's hair...even though they look kinda weird. lol


      ok I don't know how to add links so yeah

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  • I would say that you at least grow it to the middle of your back to the lower part of your back. Generally I am attracted to guys with that length and just have the hair down. Sometimes I do find it sex with the hair in a pony tail once in a while.

  • well it depends on what your style is.


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