How do I make eyeshadow neutral but still noticable?

I am thinking of getting two colors that are like my skin tone, light brown. One color is darker than the other (the eyeshadow). How do I put the colors on so that it looks pretty and kind of neutral like how the girls on t.v. wear it. That is the look I want but I don't want it to look so noticeable that when I take it off, I don't look the girl the guy asked out, just the average girl. I also don't want to look like the girl that puts on so much make-up that, that becomes the only face she wants and needs, or "fake".


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  • Since your skin tone is light brown..use eyeshadow colors like light beige and light skin tone is white.. so it goes for'll go for you as well...


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  • Use the light color as the highlight shade. Use it all over your lid and right on your brow bone below your eyebrow this makes your eyes look bigger and more alert. A shimmery light shade will work best with this technique. The shimmer is what catches the light and makes your eyes look bigger and more awake. If you only have a short time in the morning to put on any makeup all you would need is this shimmery light shade and some mascara

    to spice it up a little bit you can spread that light color underneath your lower lashes for some extra sparkle

    if you have more time use the darker color on on the entire lid and up into the crease this gives the allusion of deeper set eyes. This can be a matte shade or a sparkly shade either way will work fine

    a little lip gloss if your going out

    or some tinted lip balm or chapstick for a more regular day and you're good to go

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