For girls that like shy guy, what exactly do you like about them and why is the shyness so cute to you?

I mean when a guy is shy why do you like it and how can I find a girl that would like me even though I am shy.


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  • I'm can be attracted to both out-going and shy guys. For some reasons Shy guys are just cute. A girl just wants to find more about them, and have them open up to you. I'm sure a guy who's shy isn't going to be shy forever, they eventually open up, and its great to find out more about the guy.

    Also its good to know the guy is shy, then a girl can feel more comfertable being shy herslef. I can be shy aswell, and if the guy is shy, then I know I'm not the only one feeling that way. I hoped that just made sense.

    Just be yourself. Maybe go to a quiet place, or somewhere that interest you, you can meet a girl has the has the common interest which can be great conversation starters. Good luck. :]

    • Have any tips on what I should say? How I should act and stuff.

    • Well. A good hello is always a nice way to get the converstationg going, maybe comment something about her. Do NOT seem a bit desperate. Though it would help me, if I knew what type of girls your usually attracted too. Every type is different when approaching. :]

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  • I tend to be attracted to the shy guy if he is also cute and sweet/ respectful. If a guy isn't the greatest looking and he is shy, its not an attractive quality but if a guy is cute or hot and shy then its adorable and girls will find him sweet and sensitive. For some reason guys who aren't cute and are shy come off as nerdy or wimpy. Its really not fair but that's the way it is.

  • I am very shy and I currently like a guy that is shyer than I am. Once you do get to meet, just try to relax and show interest in her. I know with me, I constantly have to make the first moves, and some time it is irritating, but I think it is extremely hot when he gets the confidence to make the first move. You will soon over come your shyness, it just takes time. Just push your self a little at a time to where you will be comfortable and go up to any girl.

  • Well, being a shy girl myself I know that underneath that quiet exterior is a great guy just waiting to come out.

    • I suppose but what good is being shy if no one can see who you really are as a person.

    • I can't really say because I am the same way. I only talk to people when forced to, such as in labs. I have panic attacks when I see someone that I recognize in the library or anywhere. I tend to ignore them or hope they don't see me, which is not the right thing to do. I have a very contridictory behaviour, I want to talk to people, but at the same time I want them to leave. Does that make sense? The only thing I can say is use your environment to your advantage, such as in class or labs.

  • Hey I think that if you feel their is a connection like eye contact or something between you and the person you like their is a good chance that their is a connection.. I am shy at the beginning but when I get 2 know someone I can't shut up lol.. I think that a more out going person with a shy person always are good together ... hope I helped

    • Thanks I just wish I could talk to girls.

    • U can talk to girls you just have to make sure that you really like her and if you just say hi to her at first and then the conversation will get going.. I thought I could never ask a guy that I liked for his number and I did and I am also shy.. so I think you should say hi don't ignore them because 4 me that is a hint that the guy might not like me... and tell me how it goes : )

    • The thing is saying hi is hard for me I am honestly scared of girls.

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