Kept a secret... Is this bad?

I have this guy friend that I do like a lot. I know he likes me by his body language and we do have a good time when we hang out. The one problem is that we really don't hang out in public that much (especially if our friends are around), but like sometimes when I call him, he mumbles on the phone so know one around him can hear him. Also he only responds to my text when he isn't around people also. I usually have my myspace/facebook him now because that is the only time he will respond to me. Is this bad or not? I am really confused.


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  • Could it be because he's "more popular" than you and he's embarrassed to be seen with you or have people know he's friends with you? If that's true you should let him go and if he asks you why you're acting the way you are tell him straight up how you feel.

    • Well I know he is about 4-5 years old and have tons of friends. I actually met everyone at once, but then I got close to him and then some of his other friends. But I usually never really hang with his friends at all usually unless I see them at school or at the bar. Should I confront him about this or what?

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    • You know, I didn't think of the going for younger girls thing... that does help me understand where he is coming from. Lol I think anything I try to have somewhat serious talks scares him lol. I guess I will see how far this will go before I confront him about it. But thanks for that little pointer about the younger girls thing.

    • No problem. :)

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  • Its BAD! He is hiding something! Could be he has a girlfriend, or he doesn't want people to know you guys are together! You should just let him go! If he liked you he wouldn't do that!

    • I know in the past when he would like mumble on the phone was because he had a girlfriend around, but I don't see why he doesn't want people to know that we are hanging together. This boy is confusing!

    • I understand you! Maybe he still talking to his ex and doesn't want to her to know he talking to you on the side! Men are confusing lol

  • it all depend on what type of person he is.
    usually this is a bad thing. it normally shows that he is embarrassed of you. if he really likes you he wouldn't care who knows.
    however if he is the type of dude who never really talks or flirts with girls then he may be shy. if he the type who have a have a lot of friends that are girls it is a bad thing

  • This is bad. As hard as it is; he sounds ashamed. Maybe because he's intimated. But I wish you good luck.

    • Can you explain or give me an example of like what is intimated/how is he intimated?

    • Sure;

      as shallow as it sounds; you could be socially ranked 'higher' then he is, or maybe he's vain and thinks it's vice versa. You could also be the object of affection to another one of his friends, and he fears 'breaking the rules' you mentioned how you two don't talk when you're with your friends, so I'll take it that you two are in the same social circle: He could be worried that the might ruin your friendship, or even that you're just teasing him or he doesn't know how to show affection.

    • OOOOO that is bad! Hmm... I know he knows I do talk to one of his guy friends, I do give him more attention, but that is because the main guy I am trying to talk to doesn't like to hang in public between us. So I will just chill with his guy friend because he is cool. But I just don't see myself with his guy friend. We do have some friends in common, but generally I will only talk to them when I see them around once in a while. He is super shy though, so maybe that's the cause of things too.