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What's with everyone wearing the Hollister, AE, Abercrombie branded clothing? It's a serious trend these days, and I'm not totally against it but Hollister has pinched a nerve in me lately. They're clothes are so plain and they sell for so much! All they have on their clothes is HOLLISTER written all over the chests of t-shirts and sweaters and nothing else. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but I just find it so stupid. Why do people wear it? Do they feel more accepted? These stores are only making you walking billboards people.

  • Whateverrr, I am so into brand clothing!!
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  • I really don't like it people are extra concerned about brands. I've seen AE, Abercrombie, Hollister, etc., and frankly you are not getting much for your money. The quality of the clothes is mediocre at best, and there is not anything especially appealing about the fashion of the clothes. And I am not really a fan of buying clothes that are already ripped and worn and wear out too fast. I also hate when the brand is emblazoned in big fat letters across the butt, just inviting, please read something meaningless on my butt.

    People wear stuff like that and thing it is important because they are trend followers. They buy and wear what they think other people think is popular.

    The stores have done a genius job of making their product their advertisement though.


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  • I like brand names, but I don't wear the afore mentioned brands. Teenage kids and 20 somethings who are yet to grow up where those brands. I prefer names like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, ect.

  • I have a pair of Hush Puppies and a Levis vest: do they count as a brand? :-S

    Everything else is no-brand

    • Those are fine in my opinion because they actually have a unique style and are expensive for the reason they are great quality.

What Girls Said 7

  • Aside from not being my style, that's why I don't shop at the mall for the most part. =] I have nothing in particular against brand names as a whole, I just like clothes for CLOTHES, not what brand they are or how big it's advertised across the chest, haha. Thrift stores, FTW.

  • I personally refuse to wear anything with a brand name sprawled across the front... I think it makes you look tacky, insecure and begging to blend in. WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT? now I get it that some brands are better quality, but if they truly are great quality and give you great wearability, they don't need a huge brand name across the front, people will tell their friends. I think you should wear what you want and define your style by just that...your style, not your brand. LAME.

  • It's because people don't really have a sense of style. So they buy what's easiest and "in." Even if it's 80 bucks for a freaking sweatshirt. And yeah, acceptance is a big deal.

    I think it's dumb.

  • Never. I wear clothing I picked out because I LIKE it, not because of the name. My closet varies from Hot Topic To TJ Max.

    As long as I think it's cute and I look good in it, I could care less.

  • I get stuff from stores because they are cute. I will shop at places like Target to Old Navy to Urban Outfitters.

  • I do not usually buy the brand names either. I go to Kohl's or stores like that they still have cute clothes that very nice on me and are very cheap.

  • a current model at Hollister, I can't stand the people that come in that are completely decked out in Hollister stuff.

    This one chick FLIPPED out when she found out that the spray that we use for the store can be bought so "she can make her room smell like Hollister"

    And this other woman bought her daughter nearly $500 worth of jeans for her CAMPING trip...

    The jeans are made for girls who are either shaped like boys, haven't hit puberty yet, or are STICK thin with no curves/hips/butt...

    They sell wifebeater tanktops for $20 each when you can just go to Wet Seal and get 5 for $20...

    They make people who don't live in California think that that's how people in California REALLY dress...I'm originally from CA but now I live in TX, so I KNOW how CA people dress...(they had a shirt that said "Made in California" for sale in Texas and I asked tif he ones who bought it were from CA...most of them were native Texans)

    Those cute little $40 jean shorts people are clamoring for right now? Yeah, sweetie those are leftover jeans that the company needed to get rid of...sorry.

    I find it funny how Hollister never has and never will do advertising, but we make the most money in the mall.

    I think that the clothes that Hollister makes that is covered the huge HCO, SoCal, Surf Crew, Huntington Beach, CA or whatever other bullsh*t they throw on there is ugly...but the Hollister clothes that are classy and mature with the inconspicuous seagull in the corner are VERY cute

    Honestly, I just work there cause I LOVE the people I work with, it's an easy place to work, the pay isn't that bad, and should Hollister come out with something that's really cute and not terribly overpriced...I get a discount :)