Why do pretty girls always question why nice guys always like them or have "too high" of standards?

Many nice guys, if they are in fact good guys, are simply the male equivalent to an attractive female. A woman may not always feel attracted to a specific guy, but often times they are still of equal socioeconomic class and status, and may be very similar individuals with similar upbringings and lives.

As men, we're only attracted to what is normal to us. How are our standards "too high?"


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  • when looking for a partner I look at every aspect of them and go with someone I am attracted to, like, and have chemistry with. if someone doesn't suit my standards in a partner (but seems interested in me or tries pursuing me), it does not mean I feel they are shooting for someone out of their league or that they have too high of standards. people like what they like and want what they want. I don't see people as out of my league or below me, I see friend material vs. dating material. simple as that.


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  • If a guy is a 4, no matter how nice he is or how much he makes, he's still a 4 and a girl who is an 8 is out of his league.

    • Do you have any examples of what your attraction scale is like for you? like pics or anything? Who is a 4? Who is a 7? Who would you rate as a 9?

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    • A guy who thinks he is out of a girls league is just making excuses to not talk to her.

    • Oh don't get me wrong! Rasheeda is considerably better looking than the other two, but I don't think I'm it's that big of a gap. There are certainly way less attractive people out there.

  • Why ask a question, if you just answered it?

    Women are attracted to what is natural for them as well. According to many men, our (being, women in general) standards are too high as well.

    I have only one standard, and that is, 'Is he someone who would contribute positively to my life?' If not, he's out.

    My problem is that men's standards are too low. I don't want to sleep with a guy who has slept with more women than he can count on his fingers.

    • Many women have low standards too. They will date guys that will negatively impact their lives, or date guys with no class. I just ask because women don't seem to understand this simple fact and I have no idea why. It's not that hard of an idea to grasp.

    • "I just ask because women don't seem to understand this simple fact and I have no idea why."

      Why are you continuing to generalize women? Not all women are like that.

  • I don't know, most of the guys who say they hate a girl that has a face full of makeup and fake boobs, end up getting with a girl who has a full face of makeup and fake boobs.

    • Most girls wear make up. That's kind of unavoidable. The question is whether they really need it or not, whether they'd look attractive without it. Women that are the most attractive can easily pull it off.

      I don't think I'd ever knowingly go for a girl with fake boobs either. Big boobs yes, but not fake boobs.

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  • ...please stop speaking for men. We're not -only- attracted to what is normal to us...and standards has nothing to do with being a good guy.

    • Maybe if you're not looking for the right thing, but any guy going into a relationship with the correct intentions will want someone that he meshes with very well.

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    • You're able to tell what good wife material is before pursuing a girl? Rather presumptuous of a good guy don't you think? Women, like men, can change at the drop of a hat.

    • What can I say? When a guy knows a guy knows. If you're attracted to a woman, that's huge.