Growing in your eyebrows?

Mine were threaded too thin and I want them thicker. I got them done about five weeks ago and she left some on the bottom.

They got a lot thicker now but I want them to be more shaped. How much longer do I wait, or can I do them again since my lady knows I am trying to grow them and leaves the right hairs untouched?



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  • You should stop by and ask if she thinks they're ready.


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  • Be specific with her, you can go again and you can also do it yourself, get tweezers, it's easy.

    You know your general shape, what you want, you know where the strays are, you can easily pluck them yourself without overdoing it.

    • I can never make them as nice myself. I just wonder if they grew out enough that they won't look too skinny.

    • Alright

      It's only going to look too skinny if she overdoes it again. Go back if you can trust her or pick someone else and tell them the problem you had so they don't make that mistake. :)

  • It usually takes 2 weeks but you can pencil it in