How should I look nicer than usual today?

My nose is stuffy and my throat is itchy. I'm going to the doctor about checking if I have allergies. But, anyways, I don't feel great. And feel like my look matches.

My hair is medium length. I don't really wear make up. I have a face mask I think I'll use. Do you have any simple how to videos for hairstyles? Maybe wavy or curly.

I'm going to a friend's birthday party later and just feel like looking different. Thanks!


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  • You should wear your favorite outfit too, hopefully it'll make you feel better just by wearing it.

    • I'd feel overly attractive if I were to do that. XD Oh well, I'm not much for caring about the way I look. I am wearing something I like. Thanks!

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  • Mask? O.O ..What do you mean "face mask"? I googled it and I am still not sure..but females do all of this weird sh*t when all they really have to do is smile...and talk to us..(:(:(:

    • XD It's a cream you let stay on your face for a while then wash off. It makes your skin feel nice and smooth. You can try it.

      I can smile. =)

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