What weight is more attractive?

So around how much is a "good" weight for a girl according to a guy? Skinnier or Plumper? I am 5'5 128lbs is that really bad/ unattractive to guys?


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  • it depends how you carry it. really, I look for a 5'5'' girl to be around 115-120.


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  • it's all in how you carry it and your body build/frame plus how much lean muscle mass you have. I am 5'3 and weigh 135 lbs, but I'm nowhere near fat lol!

    I've also found that most guys assume that if you're not fat then you must weigh 110-120 lbs, which is not true. I believe that much of this misconception is due to girls lying about their weight (130 lb girl says she's 110, so guys associate the 130 lb look with the 110 number) So when they meet a girl who's actually honest about her weight, they hear the number and freak out!

    just my take on it :)

    • Weight assumptions are always different, my friends think I weigh about 150ish but in reality I'm only 130, guess I have light bones.

    • Thank you that's realy true I never thought about that. I think you have a good point of view!

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