Back to school outfits/clothes?

Hi everybody :-)

So in August next year I will be starting my new school; IB World School, it is a college/high school sort of thing, you can look it up if you want to know more.

And I have always been stamped: The fat nerd in the corner, but I want that to change now!

I am proud of being a nerd, I know that in just 10 years or so, a lot of people would wish they were nerds, so I don't want that to change.

But I am on a diet and exercising regime now and by August next year (fingers crossed), I will have lost all the weight, I have already lost quite a lot so I think by that time I will be quite skinny, yet still have my wonderful curves, I have a big but/hips and breasts and I am proud of that, I think women with an hour glass figure are quite beautiful, so don't worry I am not starving myself, I don't want to look like a stick.

I just want to break that whole fat girl stamp that I always get, and I want an outfit that says: Hot!

However I don't want it to be skanky or anything like that, this school prides it self on creating some of the brightest minds and hardworking students, so I also want it to say: Classy, Intelligent and Hardworking.

And I am having a hard time figuring out how to look: Hot, Classy, Intelligent and Hardworking at the same time..

Also I should add that because I gained so much weight so quickly, I have a lot of stretchmarks on my body, so whatever clothes/outfits you suggest should be long sleeved and shouldn't be showing so much skin. I mean it can show skin, but if it does it should be legs, because I only a have a little bit of some tiny white marks on my legs, so I can show them off.

Thanks so much in advance and please add links or pictures! :-)

Also, please don't say that attractiveness comes form within and confidence is the most attractive thing, I already know that and live by the principle! I just want some pretty clothes too hehe :-)


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  • Well I will put what I like to see on girls, but you can decide if you like any of it yourself. The website I got all these from might help you out. link link link link link link link link link


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  • You're a long-term planner huh lol

    I'd think regular blue jeans and a nice blouse would be fine. It's hard to really point out any particular style that would say those things since I think it's more in the attitude, so you could just as easily pick out what you think is cute and go for it!


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  • Your friends should help you out with shopping because I'm not sure what your style is and what looks good on you