How can I measure myself accurately so I can purchase custom clothing? should I find a professional, if so where could I find one, stores?

this is what I have to fill out:


Thanks everyone :)


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  • Ah. I was wondering why you would be asking if you planned to purchase custom clothes, but if you're doing it on the net, then I understand. Most stores that do custom clothing typically measure themselves. But having to do it can be easy, too. If you know anyone that sews, like a mother or aunt, then go to them about it. If not, check with local tailors and seamstresses, or any place that does alterations. They will usually do it for a small fee ($5 at my local place).


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  • To do it at home, you'll need a friend to help. Also, it's best to have a cloth tape measure, since the metal hardware types don't bend as easily and can be inaccurate. If you have both of those, then following these instructions should get you what you need: link

    Otherwise, pop in to your local tailor (look for a dry cleaners that does alterations) and they'll do it for you. Usually for free around me, but as melissarose8585 said you may wind up paying them a buck or two.