What to wear to really draw the heat?

Hi I would like some ideas on what to wear to really turn on my guy and I would like to do it as a surprise.

I know he loves me wearing high heels and he loves both front and back door sex so I know the heels are obvious but what's a real turn on in the leg wear department. He is a real leg and arse man.

What would you suggest to wear on the top, he's not really a breast man I don't think.

He also loves me wearing makeup and has asked me recently to wear a real red lipstick as it turns him on.

How could I really turn this on for him in private but also how could I do it more descreetly in public.

I can't really ask him as I want to do it as a surprise your suggestions would be a great help.



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  • Wear a clingy dress with a peek-a-boo slit -- like one of those wrap dresses that "accidentally" reveals a tad too much leg -- and sit at a bar stool or other side-by-side seating so he can get a good view of you. No stockings, smooth, soft legs and tiny panties (or no panties) and spritz your legs with your favorite body spray. He'll go nuts, guaranteed, and want to feel you up in the bar/street/parking lot/car...all the way home. Ann Taylor actually has a few good pics on clearance right now since it's the "changing of the guard" for the the summer fashion trends. Go for it. :-)

    Wear the modest tinted gloss when you're going out, but at the end of dinner (or whatever...just before you're ready for the happy ending), excuse yourself and come back wearing the red lipstick, then lean in towards him (looking all sexy) and ask him if he's ready. My bet's that he will be, lol.



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  • Definitely get some fishnet stockings. You could always get some split crotch panties too. You could wear the split crotch panties with anything in public, wear a skirt. If your out to dinner, touch your self inside with your finger, and put it in his mouth or let him smell you. Let him know it's easy access to you, that will be a huge turn on for him, making him wait all through dinner knowing that your wet and he can't have you until later. Good Luck.

  • Tight dress, heels, red lipstick should do it.


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  • at your age you should be ashamed of yourself ! take him for a walk in the museum !

    • i take it that your just a young babe ahy