High heels? Guys do you find any of these to be a turn on or off?

High heels? How about if the heels make the girl taller than you?

Make up?

Long or short hair?

Bare or hairy down there?

Favorite eye color?


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  • I don't like the style, not the kind of femininity I like. Same as long fingernails. I very much prefer a girl in jeans and sneakers any day.

    And don't get me wrong, it's got nothing to do with the girl being taller than me or not. My first girlfriend was 180cm (5 ft. 10), a bit taller than me. I somehow never thought about it. Now I'm with a girl way smaller - wouldn't want her to wear high heels either. Glad she doesn't like it.

    Makeup: Not too much either. I like natural looks. Mascara is okay, not necessary. Eyeshadow, hmm... rarely I see someone where I like it. Lipstick: please not.

    Long hair/short hair depends on the girl - both can look really good.

    Favourite eye color: Not possible to say. I always used to think I was into brown eyes. And the few girls I was with all had beautiful blue or almost greenish eyes.

    Down there: Hairy. I like it. :P The girls I've been with were not even trimmed. Some Americans might cry out "disgusting" now maybe? Not at all, I say. All a matter of taste. Legs I prefer shaved though ;)

    Not feminine enough? For me: yes. The curves stay the same, no matter the style or how much you show them at once.


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  • High heels: Only if they are excessive. 4+ inch tall heels just look dumb. I'm also a shorter guy so heels just make every girl look like a giant to me.

    Make up: If its tastefully done, meaning I can barely notice it. If it looks like clown make up its not attractive.

    Hair: I can't stand short hair. It just seems masculine to me. Long hair is much more feminine.

    Pubes: Def bare for me. gives me a better visual since us guys are visual. The texture is much nicer for manual, oral, and vaginal sex. Its cleaner when giving oral sex.

    eyes: no preference. quite frankly, I never even really notice a girls eye color.

  • all of them can be a turn on. I used to say that I would never sleep with a woman who had shorter hair than me, until I met one who had such a delightful sweet nature, that I did not even notice the short hair!

    Heels are nice!

    Minimal make up is nice!

    Bare or hairy does not matter, but not so bushy that it looks like it needs a brushcutter to trim!

    All eyes with a bit of color - hard to read black eyes!

    Looks mean a lot when you are young, but as I got older, looks didn't matter as much as whether I liked them or not!

  • High heels, not a turn off. Although I will admit I get slightly ...i don't know, uneasy because I'm only like 5'7'' and usually women don't like to be taller than the guy so I end up feeling uneasy about it because she might not like being taller than me. Other wise I wouldn't care.

    Make up is fine just not a whole lot to where your face looks fake or like you're wearing a mask.

    Long hair or short, it depends on what looks good on you. A lot of guys say "oh no, girls with short hair look like guys." I think that's completely retarded, I've seem plenty of girls who look VERY sexy with short hair.

    If you're going to have hair down there, make sure it's well trimmed and clean.

    I have no preference on eye color because you can't change it. If you have a unique eye color then awesome, but if not I wouldn't care.

  • - I find high heels very sexy, whether it makes you taller or not.

    - Makeup enhances your beauty,

    - Hair length - either can be sexy, depends on how it complements the lady

    - Shaved bare and smooth so there's nothing to impede my progress to bringing pleasure to your intimate area

    - Favorite eye color - I don't have a strong preference, blue eyes are nice

  • I prefer flats to heels. Those stripper heels are a turnoff.

    As long as the make up is mild, I am fine.

    I dislike short hair unless the woman has something super classy and feminine about her.

    Any hair down there is a turnoff.

    Eye color depends on other things so that is ok.

  • - Its not about the heels... It is ALL about the feet. THEY need to be perfect.

    - Make up varies... Some need more than others.

    - prefer long hair. Shorter than shoulder length need the girl to be very feminine looking.

    - Pubic, underarm facial and leg hair are a turnoff. So are arm hair if they are thick and dark.

    - eye color cud be anything that goes well with the skin tone. Eg green eyes on dark skin looks awful.

  • Yes. They are nice. I do not care if they make a girl taller then me.

    Yes, as long as it is not like a cakeface.

    Long hair

    Bare (I guess?)

    I like blue best, but it does not make a difference what it is,

  • High heels make me aroused. You can walk on my genitals with them all you want I love it!

  • I'm neutral about high heels, I just don't care either way.

    Make up - yes, just not too much.

    Long hair.

    Bare or trimmed.

    I have a thing for really dark eyes, they're so deep, inviting and mysterious... but other colors are fine too.

  • I like high heels, not if she's taller though.

    Long hair.

    Doesn't matter much.


  • 1. Heels help to make a girl look sexy. If they make her taller than me, that's fine, but it does tend to make things a little awkward sometimes.

    2. Make up is a turn on when it's applied well and in moderation. When it's overdone and looks trashy, that's a turn off.

    3. Pixie cuts are a turn-off. I prefer longer hair.

    4. Nicely trimmed or bare down there is a turn on. Shaving part or all is not necessary, but keep it nicely trimmed to within 1/2". 70s afro-bush is a turn-off.

    5. Favorite eye color: Blue


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  • At your age I don't think you should worry