Women what are some examples of sexy lingerie that would make you feel sexy?

I love buying gifts for my sweetie and I both to enjoy. What are some really sexy lingerie I ideas in your opinion?Thanks ever so much and have a great weekend!


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  • Really it depends on what she is like in her personality!

    For me I'm quite a shy person when it comes to my body but when I do dress up in my lingre I like to wear stockings or knee high cute socks, A nice bra and Thong set/Womans sexy boxer style... or sometimes just nothing!

    Also cute little skirt and bra top sets.. just have a look and see what you think she would. Its not just all about what you like looking at ;)

    Good luck

    • I am very big on stockings as well but I want her to love it more than me! Good ideas thank you!

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  • Lacy is alway nice, corsets, Teddy's if she is more girlie maybe she likes lacy, or maybe she likes to dress up so more costume.

  • If she's into corsets but its kind of expensive


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