Is there a way to get more defined hips naturally?

My body isn't proportional, I am top heavy (huge boobs DD) but my bottom is small (I believe my waist is a 27 and hip to butt ratio its a 33). Is there any way I can get a bigger butt and hips naturally or am I just stuck like this forever?


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  • 99.9% of people are not "perfect" proportions. People either have huge boobs, tiny boobs, giant hips, tiny hips, long legs and short arms, short arms and long lets, long torsos, short torsos, etc etc

    And the 1% who are perfect proportions often want to change other things about themselves like their eye color or their personality.

    Anyways, don't worry about it and try to enjoy what you have. So many people pay thousands of dollars and endure painful surgeries to get DD boobs. And so many people pay thousands and endure diets and hard training to get small hips.

    Just rock your big boobs and small hips :)


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  • you could do squats.


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  • If you want to get wider hips then you will simply just have to gain weight.

    Has for your butt either you have it or you don't (some people store fat there naturally) which is why its noticeable.

    If your body doesn't store a lot of fat at the rare there really isn't much you can do.

    If you want a nicer butt, you can exercise to change its structure, (such as give it a more roundness and tighten it up).