Eliminating the grey hairs: does the color always seems so fake?

I've been battling grey hairs in my sideburns for a few years now (they are very noticable in the sideburns), and I have been wondering - does dying your hair always make it look so unnatural?

Is there only one method to dye the grey hairs (by putting some junk in it and then rinse it)?


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  • Just once, try getting done professionally.

    You can learn a lot from what a hairdresser does to get rid of them.

    • I've read my question over, and I forgot to mention that I've only gone to hair saloons. I wouldn't trust myself to do it :)

      But it's annoying how unnatural I find my hair to be after a hair saloon visit (and I've gone to many different places) and that there isn't a way to get permanently rid of them

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    • Mine is dark brown, so it's as easy to spot as a turd in a pool :(

    • :(

      I feel you bro

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  • Semi grey/white hair doesn't look that bad

  • maybe you're not finding the closest color to your hair color. if you're only putting it on certain spots and its the wrong shade itll def stick out and make it look unnatural


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  • Just for men works great & looks natural. Costs about $10-

    • ...?

    • Instead of going to a salon or buying hair dye there is a product called "just for men" You brush it in & rinse it out it's easy to use. I use it on my goatee, to help hide a few grey hairs.

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