What's worse: having very unattractive guys being interested in you or have no guys harrasing you?

for the the past month or so, this really unattractive Latino guy that was in my summer business class has been texting me non-stop...things like "hey :)", "how are you", "hope you're ok", etc., even though I NEVER respond to his texts, he has kept on sending me messages. Whenever he does send me texts, it emotionally bothers me A LOT and makes me feel worthless...like, "why do I only get unattractive guys"

... like why can't decent guys harass me for once, lol?

Nice, decent looking guys have never asked me for my number or do they rarely approach me.

This experience has gotten me thinking- I'd rather have no guys take any interest in me, rather than having my (non-existent) ego bruised and having ugly guys like me.

What's your take...would you rather have unattractive guys chase you or get no attention from guys at all?

And how do I cope with getting attention from unattractive guys? I just want to hide away forever in my room whenever this occurs.

I know I sound like a superficial a**hole right about now, but really, I am getting guys that are absurdly rude and very unattractive hassle me.

Also, how can I deal with this guy's constant text messaging? Should I continue to not respond to him? I'm kinda feeling sorry/like a bitch for ignoring all his texts...

i realized I misspelled "harassing" in the title.


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  • Having the unattractive guys harass me. At least someone's giving you a chance lol

    I know it's sh*tty though because attraction and personality are both needed for a quality mate - but if no guys ever approached you, ugly or not, you would be feeling twice as worthless as you do now, because it's like, not even the ugly guys want you : \

    Just hang out a bit - a cute guy who likes you will come along. As for the Latino guy, just tell him your not very interested and apologize if you have to.

    I would rather have unattractive guys harassing me btw.

    • what? really?

    • Yep it's happen a many times before; mainly because of personality I would say. The more unattractive tend to be reclusive a bit / shy / kinda nerdy, and I am just a warm open person so I think a lot of the unattractive guys leached onto me because I actually gave them a chance. I found that casually mentioning your taste in men around those guys discourages quietly because they figure they cannot amount to the standard you have. Avoids the problem from the get go.

    • ugh

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  • lol, well at least you have some opportunity right? Work with what you are able to attract. It could be worse, you could be like one of the girls in my class. She's attracted to me, I'm not attracted to her. She tried to provoke jealousy in me by flirting with some average looking confident guy in front of me, now he's aggressively pursuing her, and she's sitting there like what the hell did I get myself into while she stares at me, and I'm laughing in my head. =P

  • Ah, you think meeting guys is hard. Its not hard - no matter where you go - us guys are there. We have someone on the case. Now it might not be our best guy - but we have someone on the case. :-)

    • uh, okay? idon't think I exactly understood your last two sentences

    • Its a Seinfeld reference... your story made me think of it. Sorry...lol

  • It may seem ridiculous but guys will date you as long as you have those pair and one vertical smile..you know what I mean?

    • both decent and ugly guys?

  • I would say none

    • sometimes, I would prefer no guys to take interest in me than ones I really don't like :(

    • Hmmm I am not sure. That would make you uglier than ugly :)

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  • I would say both are equally bad. Maybe the unattractive guy option is worse because he's literally harassing you. In this case you need to woman up and tell him you are not interested under no circumstances does he have a chance with you and he needs to leave you alone

  • I was in a similar situation with a guy. I ignored him but he would never take a hint so I sent him a text saying that he was a nice guy but that I had a feeling that he had a crush on me & that I didn't feel the same way and the attention he was giving me was making me uncomfortable. I felt bad about it but sometimes people won't stop until you're completely honest with them.

  • If you weren't going to bother texting him back why'd you give him your number in the first place? Bite the bullet and straight up tell him your not interested. Some people need to hear that your not interested in them so get to it. And yes you are a superficial beeyotch but it is what it is.

    • he insisted and I felt awkward saying no to his request...he was the first guy that has ever asked me for my number...i'm not really experienced in dealing with rejecting guys

    • C'mon girl you gotta grow a spine! Especially when someone seems over eager to get your number. Be nice at first and say something like I like to get to know people better b4 I give out my number and if they insist then you definitely know not to give it to that person. Yea it's an ego stroke to finally get asked for the digits but you gotta be really careful who you give it to otherwise your stuck in the situation your in right now. :/

  • It makes you feel worthless? Lol wow...come on...

    • i know I come off as a superficial a**hole, as I've already stated...but it's a CONSTANT pattern I've noticed, and I find it very odd.

      so please don't take offense

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