Do pretty girls tend to have better relationships with their mothers?

Just wondering if anybody else notices this pattern...many pretty girls I have met have very satisfying and close relationships with their moms...

Does anybody see the connection between mother daughter bond and daughter's attractiveness?


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  • This relationship is the result of high emotional intelligence passed on from mother to daughter.

    Even though the mother may not be as attractive as the daughter, their relationship has been based on love, trust and understanding.

    The parents that give criticism with immediate feed back on how to correct the problem are parents showing true leadership and passing on problem solving skills.

    When someone helps you instead of yelling at you and letting you figure it out for yourself you have greater love and respect for that person.

    Average looks can be enhanced by make-up, personality and clothes.


    • so, in other words, you don't see a correlation ?

    • The correlation is in the life experiences they share. The genes that are passed on to the daughter may not show up in her teenage years. But as the daughter matures she may look an awful lot like her mother and she will have some of her mother’s personality. Remember the daughters environmental upbringing is totally different then her mother’s and the daughter’s environment will help shape her personality. In the latter years is when the

      correlation will be most obvious.

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  • I don't know, but I have definitely known mothers and daughters who LOOK really close, but there are PROBLEMS behind the scenes...