Is too muscular a bad thing?

Probably a stupid question, I just joined this site. Is there a such thing as being too muscular. I been told this on multiple occasions within this year by other girls that I am too 'big'. Even asked a friend who was a girl and she says girls like slender/ muscular but toned guys not beef cakes.

I have never had a girlfriend so physical attractions matters to me. Lifting/mma/boxing are my hobbies. I train in all three and have gained quite a bit a muscle size, 125 to 160 in weight in 3 years. I still want to look good but I don't want to give up my hobbies.

So am I supposed to just give up on what I like to do?

I put a pic on my profile, I didn't want to share it as my main pic. But really I don't see how its unattractive. I am 5'5 so could it be cause I am short. I know girls like tall men. Just so unfair. I work my butt off and still get sh*t for not looking good.

I feel like I have to sacrifice one for the other :(

Is too muscular a bad thing?
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