INDIAN girls: Dress, culture, modern?!!!!!!

Indian girls mostly prefer to follow western fashion and now this has set the Indian guys who are are from conservative bag ground in a confused state. The confusion is as to whether they wear these dress to look and feel good or to attract guys sexually.

1)Why do you expose bra straps while wearing tank tops, or ant tops for that matter. Does it not make the guys thinking of your breasts. To what extent is this acceptable if you are already in a relationship.

2)Also the concern is regarding wearing tight jeans where even air can not get inside. why exactly do you wear such dress?! is just for looking good or to attract guys sexually?!

i think no Indian girls in GAG?!


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  • In Europe, America and the Caribbean, Indian girls do dress that way it's just fashion.


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  • First off I do not judge a person by how they dress. I have seen some fake pretending women who dress conservative but their personality is wack and way too stubborn. Showing bra strips does not bother me. If a women tries to look good, that good, which means she cares about herself. She tries to look good for you. In the end I prefer modern girls than stubborn old fashioned women.

  • One has to change with the times. Indian girls are becoming more open minded and so they are dressing this way. Well it is a matter of preference, I guess

  • i don't like girls showing off in the name of fashion because India has it's culture and we need to follow it.i my view I would not marry such a girl.

    the girls doing such show offs are the ones popular when guys discuss about girls may it's the reason the girl's do such things.