Why do we hate the pretty people?

There seems to be a lot of hate towards the good looking people; and I was just curious as to why?

Let a girl dare declare she's attractive, and all hell is going to come down on her - suddenly she's arrogant, superficial, not dating material etc etc -


Let a guy wear stylish clothes, keep himself groomed and look like an abercrombie model - suddenly he's a jerk / a**hole, full of himself, player etc etc.

Jumping to conclusions much?

What governs this hostility I wonder? I mean it's been around for generations, jealous catty women, bitter judgmental men...

Is it because we feel we can't compete? Is it how we size each other up by down playing that person's worth with mean stigma's stereotypes?

Why is there this hostility or degradation of one's persona who are the pretty people?


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  • Misery loves company & those who are miserable and unhappy with their appearances hate that anybody could be happy with their appearance.

    And jealousy...we hate that another person CAN and most likely DOES attract more male/female attention than us

    I think girls are far more likely to hate attractive women than men are to dislike attractive men. Mostly because girls are retards


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  • Jealousy. Although not all of what you said is true.


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  • Well someone going around saying they are attractive is arrogant behavior and I don't know about you but I find that most people who put so much effort into their appearance are superficial and self-absorbed.

    I dislike people who are arrogant, rude, incosiderate and self-centred whether they be ugly or attractive.

  • Pure jealousy.

    Women hate pretty women and men hate good looking men because they are jealous that they are outshined by the competition and feel inferior.

    Women hate on good looking men and men hate on pretty women because they feel inferior to them because that person is out of their league and would probably reject them anyway.

  • It's not hate.. they just become sacrificial lambs of society :0

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