Have you ever seen a girl and initially been stunned and almost in awe of her beauty or presence?

Was it because she was very beautiful? If so, what did she look like?

Or was it something about her, if so what was it?

Please be descriptive :)

This happened to me the other day. I saw the most stunning black woman. Her skin looked soft and smooth like a freshly unwrapped Hershey's bar just waiting to be ravished. (I swear, I'm not lesbian, but I might turn bi for her; JUST HER) She had the most interesting hair I've ever seen. I believe it was "natural"? But it didn't look like Erikah Badu afro hair, yet it didn't look like biracial hair. It was like the perfect balance between the two; tight spiral curls that draped her face like a lion's mane. She was gorgeous with a confident strut and a dreamy, mystical, Victoria's Secret look in her eyes.

Your turn :)


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  • careful there .. you seem obsessed with her .. well I have seen a lot of girls that are just stunning perfect 10/10 .. most of them are average not tall not short .. oh I lied they are kinda tall .. perfect thick hair .. clean face .. not tattoos .. long legs .. sexy dress .. but to be honest they are stunning but are not dating material for me .. I don't like dating such girls

    • why don't you like dating such girls?

    • cuz they strike me as sex material .. I feel like "oh she is damn hot I wanna get with her on bed" .. on the other hand cute girls are just like that "oh this girl looks cute wonder if her personality is also cute .. I wanna get to know her" .. I don't know if that's a bad thing or not but am cool with that

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