Why do I look so different from 3 weeks ago?!

i swear my appearance changes from day to day and it's really sensitive to my habits...

for example, I swear I look great 3 weeks ago, I just got a good vibe from people and my mom said I have this glow. Now, I just look bleh and dead. The only thing that changed was that for the past 3 weeks, I've been getting up at around 11 or 12 in the morning, instead of waking up early at 8 am.

Does oversleeping for a prolonged period of time effect your appearance in any way? I am depressed and a bit sad over the changed in my appearance. I have been eating well and exercising from time to time, but have been staying home for most days...maybe inactivity makes your complexion look worse or something?


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  • Yes, oversleeping will make you look worse. Go to sleep earlier, wake up earlier, 8 hours, 9 max if you're really tired. Also staying hydrated, eating enough fiber, and going to the bathroom regularly will keep you from looking bloated or having puffy skin. Exercise regularly.

  • When you sleep your brain releases several chemicals. Some of those chemicals are additive. When you over sleep your brain releases even more of those chemicals into your body. When you wake up after over sleeping, you may notice a bit of a headache and a feeling of being warn. This is because your body is going through symptoms of withdrawal. Yes, you can become addicted to sleep. That's why you may look like an addict.

    Bad joke? Maybe, but you can easily gain your glow back. Here are some simple steps.

    1.don't over sleep. 7-9 hours should do

    2. Light exercise as soon as you get up. A 15 minute jog can work wonders for your day.

    3. Eat within an hour of getting up and eat healthy throughout the day.


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