What are "the clothes that make the woman"?

i recently posted the same question...but for women,

now its ur turn, guys, what are the "clothes that make the woman"

your dream woman, or w/e you call it these days


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  • A great-fitting pantsuit with a blouse and a nice jacket. Mmmm professionalism.


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  • My answer is for daily/casual wear. I really like it when a girl puts some thought into her style. For example; stylish jeans, cute shoes (not gym shoes), a polo or button down shirt (not just whatever t-shirt was at hand), braids or some other styled hair, a girly hat (beret or trucker or whatever fits her style) and some accessories to tie it all together. (I really have a thing for a girl who is confident/stylish enough to wear a hat)

  • Anything looks good if its on the floor.

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