I hate extremely shallow people so much - why they are like that?

Why do they value someone looks so much, I mean OK someone is pretty we look at it and admire but just focus on that, like I am in love with that girl/ guy just because he or she is so pretty, gee...haven't we lived enough to know that isn't beauty that connect us to others, who cares if the perfect guy isn't the most attractive his personality is amazing...

it seems that I am ugly I am not, I am about an 8, but I want a guy that likes me because he knows me not because he thinks I am pretty


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  • It's because the surface is the first thing we see. It's been said that even children are able to recognize "beauty." However, there have been girls who I believed were absolutely beautiful who basically would be 8-10, but that's all they had to them. As the saying goes, looks attract (basically like the foot in the door) but personality keeps and what will get you in to someones heart.

    • yeah yeah but people shouldn't be oriented by that

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    • But assuming 2 different guys made the exact same approach, and acted the exact same, both good guys who have equal to offer, the only difference is one is supremely good looking and the other is someone who doesn't really care for taking care of his appearance. Can you answer that question honestly with yourself, about who you would choose

    • that would never happen such a thing but yeah if someone has more to offer, and beauty is different than taking care, I wouldn't like someone who doesn't take a care of himself that's self esteem...anyway you didn't answer mine...

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  • At first we have to judge by appearances because we cannot have personal relationships with all the people in the world. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Animals also find sex partners by smell and physical attraction. Sex is basically an animal instinct !

    • yeah I guess so but we are more rational than that