What would you say is better?

I have probably a question that will get rated one star but whatever. I like this girl and whenever she leaves almost everyone she say's "see you later" however when I leave or we end the phone convo she say's "Take care" or "Take very good care of yourself" which is better? I have low self esteem so to me it's the see you later because she must like something about them. Where as with take care it's like see you when I see you doesn't matter to me.


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  • I think you are overanalyzing this. Honestly there is not that much difference between the two. She probably doesn't even notice that she says something different to you. Don't worry about it.


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  • From my experience, when a girl says "take care" it usually means a couple of things...

    a) She sees you as a brother

    b) She likes you as a friend but possibly a little more

    I know both options contradict each other, but one thing is for sure: "Take care" is a bit more affectionate than "See you later".

    • I appreciate the answer and the options. I always thought the see you later was better because it was as if she was saying "Can't wait to see you" where take care was like "see you when I see you" appreciate the response and the help.