Man not into physical details?

Here is the deal:

Many men and women pour over the details of body parts...and who is sexy, who is not sexy...

What is a woman to think when a man doesn't appear to be checking out her body parts with scrutiny - but instead just expresses intense interest?

Some men don't appear to be looking at my hair or my clothes or my legs or rear...some of them look into my eyes and they act hooked after that...they act like they already know me...

Or something just triggers a man and he starts to act goofy?

Is this a sign of infatuation? It seems that it by-passes a few steps in the process.

I'm just noticing that there are different things going on with men fall in love differently and for different reasons?

Do these men even see me at all or are they just crazy?


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  • It is not "some men". Every man may find a different girl attractive for different reasons at different times. So, whereas one might attract you for those details that you mentioned, others might catch his eye just because of some gesture. It could even be the way you spoke just one sentence. I remember in the college days, I used to really like this receptionist who used to have a slight problem in her speech. But that problem was really sexy. It just made you want her to talk to you forever.

  • I love a womans ,eyes,hair and face and yes these features can make me carve a woman

    • That isn't the question I asked...and your response sounds like you are a psychopathic killer.

      You sound like a troll to me. Just sayin.

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