He never looks at me, why?

me and my crush were hanging out for a couple weeks but he never looked at me, and now he stops by for 2 seconds then leaves doesn't want to hang and doesn't call when he says he is going to what is going on and how can I prevent myself from being angry at him while he avoids me?


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  • Assertion <-- That's how.

    Sometimes you can't bottle up emotions. And this is a situation where it IS possible to assert it correctly using an adult mindset. You can state how you'd like to hear from him and that it bothers you when he's too busy to call, especially when he said he would. This type of approach is basically saying "There's an issue, and things need to change". Knowing insecurity is prevalent among society, I wouldn't recommend this approach because it's likely that he'll feel like HE is the issue, not what he is doing.

    And keep in mind that conversations are just like Karate, there are many different approaches to the same hypothetical outcome, and other approaches leading to different outcomes. You might mention, when he does call next (if that happens?), that you really like it when he (calls / talks to you / etc) and give some deeper insight as to why you like that (e.g. some trait about him .. he's really funny / intellectual / down to earth / etc..) - encouraging him to continue the behavior.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • i don't think he likes you very much then

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