Shoes to wear?

I'm going on an international trip and want to take a suit but don't have much room for the best shoes. I'm taking two pairs of shoes like this, one in black like shown, and am wondering how bad it would look to wear these with a suit


Good question... it's a black suit with a white shirt.


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  • well...first of all what color suit?

    • I would say that it would look I wouldn't wear that if I had better shoes (well obviously). why did you pick those shoes?

    • I picked them because they are comfortable for walking miles a day around Europe, and I will be taking these and a similar pair in brown with me on my trip. The fact that I'm looking for shoes for a suit is coincidental; the suit had nothing to do with their selection.

    • I say its fine then. :D

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  • noo point in wearing tennis shoes with a suit, is there?

    either don't wear a suit, or wear dress shoes with the suit

  • You would look like a traveller perfect if you are actually travelling